Oct 15, 2012

Who is Nightclubbing's favorite? Read and find out!

This week (and a few days late, I must point out), Pat & Emily profess their love for Pylon - the dubby dance band from Athens, GA, who have never really gotten their due. This, despite the love from not only modern day hipster tastemakers like DFA Records (see their two Pylon reissues at the top of the page here), but also fellow Athens scenemakers & rock stars in the making, R.E.M.

Pylon is the greatest group from the new wave scene that you probably never heard of. When Rolling Stone saluted R.E.M. as the best band in America in 1987, their drummer Bill Berry disagreed. “We’re not the best rock ‘n roll band in America.” He thought Pylon was. Continued here.

Pylon - official website
Nightclubbing - official website

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