Nov 14, 2012

Daily Travels: Rockwood Music Hall & Waterboys news

Last night (and again tonight), Mike Scott & Steve Wickham of the Waterboys appeared at the very intimate Rockwood Music Hall. The occasion being the publication of Scott's memoirs, Adventures of A Waterboy (which sounds great by the way).

Scott read for about 25 or 30 minutes. The last piece lead directly into introducing fiddler Wickham, and the two of them proceeded to play a brief, but brilliant set, which included Savage Earth Heart, Fisherman's Blues, The Pan Within, A Man Is In Love, Bring 'Em All In, and a couple of others...

These appearances also coincide with the announcement of the US release of their latest album, An Appointment With Mr. Yeats, as well as a NY show at Town Hall on March 20. Tickets are available this Friday.Are other US forthcoming?

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