Nov 30, 2012

New York In Neon: There's An App For That

By Kirsten Hively

“Finding all these vibrant, living neon signs helped me fall in love with the city again.”

This time of year, as the holidays close in and the weather cools down, always seems to bring the best out in neon signs. Today, over at Collectors Weekly, they've run an excellent article on neon with photos featuring many favorites from around New York City. They mention the new book, New York Neon, by Thomas Rinaldi, and they also have an interesting interview with Kirsten Hively. Hively recently released a mobile app called Project Neon "...which allows users to locate, rate, and learn a little of the personal history of 120 New York signs."

Read the entire story here, and be sure to check out Hively's amazing Flickr page of her neon photographic work here.

By Kirsten Hively

By Kirsten Hively

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