Nov 27, 2012

The 1st Annual Stupefaction Holiday Gift Guide

 By Liz & Tim

What to get people? Or what to tell them to get for you? Or what to get for yourself? We’ve got it covered: Print or click the links provided and you are done, finished and can get back to your regular holiday rituals. Begin here.

For the Traveler - Crosley Revolution Compact Turntable
Choose either the standard black one for around $80 or upgrade to the spiffier yellow and black Third Man Records edition for $100 - both reduced from $145. Standard - here. Third Man edition - here.

For the Guitarist - Line 6 POD HD500 Pedal Board 

Sure, its pricey at about $500, but with its highly flexible and mixable 512 built-in presets, 128 user-defined presets, a 16 amp simulator and 48-second looper, this highly rated pedal board will distort your loved one’s mind. Order here.

 For the Drummer-less band (or wanna-be Sisters of Mercy) - Boss DR-880 Rhythm Machine Multiple percussion options and an EZ-compose feature, make this (expensive) drum machine the Guantanamo Bay version of finger-tapping elegance. Insane in the membrane ever after. Grab it here.

For the ephemera fan or musically inclined interior decorator – Vintage Concert Posters
From Low to High, these are very affordable:
- 1968 Doors & Jefferson Airplane concert poster reprint ($7.99 here)
- A cheery yellow Buzzcocks "Orgasm Addict" reprint ($8.99 here)
- The Grateful Dead’s Kaleidoscopic original concert poster ($2595 here) - Yes, this one is expensive, but it’s like the Hermes scarf of concert posters. All the better if the recipient is heavy into pink. Hello Kitty on acid. Add rhinestones as needed…

For the baby - Rock Rompers
Plant those subliminal messages early on so your kids don’t grow up to listen to dreck. Choose from a black CBGB style ($19.99 here) or a seasonally appropriate red White Stripes one ($16.00 here).

For the sport - Monster i-Sport Immersion Headphones with Control talk
Because you don’t want to hear anyone’s grunting at the gym unless it has a bassline. Opt for black…as always. $59.99 reduced from $179.95 and available here.

For Hanukkah (or is it Chanukah?)
It starts December 8th at any rate. The Black Sabbath: The Secret Musical History of Black Jewish Relations CD. Critique the soul connection this season with tracks from Billie Holiday, Eartha Kitt (am so sick of Santa Baby, especially after hearing Cyndi Lauper’s cover-oy vey), The Temptations and Aretha Franklin. $12.99 here.

For the jazz scholar to be - The Last Balladeer: The Johnny Hartman Story by Gregg Akkerman
Insane but true, this is the ONLY book about one of the greatest male jazz singers ever. Hartman was the only vocalist to ever make an album with John Coltrane which says something. (Available for $45.83 in hardcover here or $30 for the Kindle edition here)

More for the Jazz Lover (since you love them a lot) - a Mosaic Records box set
Mosaic stands out internationally among a small coterie of incredible reissue record labels, including Bear Family, Numero Group, and a couple of others. Mosaic’s work is absolutely comprehensive and misses nothing. You’ll find complete sets of music from specific periods by classic jazz artists. We recommend the Lester Young & Charles Mingus sets released within the last year or so. Available directly from

For your favorite punk’s reading pleasure - Punk: An Aesthetic by Jon Savage, William Gibson, Linder Sterling and Johan Kugelberg 
An incredible (mostly visual & graphic) collection of ephemera that sums up not only punk as we know it, but a vast swathe of the real underground and musical counterculture beginning in the late 60's. Bring some anarchy to the coffee table starting at $34.99 here.

Or if that punk is a girl - Bing Bang Skull Cuff
 Anna Sheffield's Bing Bang is the go-to jeweler for the non-touristy skull and spiked jewelry set. ($68 here)

Also, directly from Memphis, an old school Stax Records sweatshirt ($29.50 here) to customize as desired. We recommend removing the arms and neckband to create a winter weight tank. Well, I do, Tim would prep it up with a collared polo underneath and be neat and stuff (says you, Liz!)

Everyone would love a month/year subscription to Spotify - unlimited ($4.99/$60) or premium ($9.99/$120). Available here.

Don't forget The Tree - Fender Guitar Ornaments
A set of 4 rock the Christmas tree will set you back only $6.50 here.

Finally, for that special someone - Platinum Badge to SxSW

Held in Austin, TX, the Live Music Capital of the World, from 3/12- 3/17/13, this is a worthwhile festival featuring a super-sized line-up of artists both up & cioming and established. (Currently $1350, visit for more info). Sorry, Glastonbury 2013 is sold out!

Happy Holidays, Peace & Joy, etc…to all.

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