Nov 15, 2012

This is Brainwash and This is a Clue

The verdict is in - this week's issue of the New Vulgate features an extensive review of Someday All The Adults Will Die, the punk related ephemera art show by Johan Kugelberg and Jon Savage, recently on in London at the Hayward Gallery. I had mentioned it here back in August before the show opened, and its related book, Punk: An Aesthetic, was to be published. Now...will they bring this damn thing to NYC? Please?!

"For a movement that was so obsessed about being oppressed by the media, it's ironic that punk has proceeded to be the most anthologised, commemorated and plain over-documented post-war cultural period of them all. It's impossible not to feel sometimes that saturation point was reached a long time ago - and what initially felt like a delayed sense of vindication has now become distinctly tiresome. Sick of being sick of being sick." Continued here.

Punk: An Aesthetic can be ordered here.

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