Nov 25, 2012

Videofreex: Our Day In NYC (1973) by Skip Blumberg

Recently spotted over at Gothamist, Our Day In NYC (see it below) is seemingly random NYC footage shot in 1973 by Skip Blumberg. About the film, Blumberg says, "This tape is like the Seinfeld show of video art: it's about nothing. I was practicing camera moves, following action, and editing in camera." 

Blumberg shot for the early independent video collective, Videofreex, in the seventies. Like the work of Anton Perich (and others whom I don't yet know about, I'm sure) Videofreex just pre-dated the Metropolis Video collective from which was eventually born the Nightclubbing team, as well as Paul Dougherty

After a little research (way to go Gothamist), I've found out that not only is there an official website for Videofreex (see it here), but there is also a documentary in the works about the collective. Fantastic! 

Videofreex - official website
Videofreex film - official website
Videofreex - facebook

Lastly, if you watch this, and explore the websites, and are looking for more, there's a book available called Videofreex: America's First Pirate TV Station & the Catskills Collective That Turned It On. On a personal note, what's really surprising to me is that this entire thing was apparently started not very far from where I sit at this very moment...

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