Dec 18, 2012

Paul Tschinkel's InnerTube: Levi and the Rockats, Jayne County, The Dead Boys (1980)

I recently received an email from Paul Tschinkel due to some of his videos I shared here, and over at James Chance Official. He was happy to see them being put to use, and mentioned he would start posting more. Well, it looks like he just might be doing that, starting with this full episode of InnerTube from 1980 starring Levi & The Rockats, Jayne County, and the Dead Boys, filmed at Max's Kansas City and at CBGB.

As Paul himself says, "This 'Paul Tschinkel's Inner-Tube' program appeared on his Manhattan Cable TV show in 1980. It features live performances at Max's Kansas City and CBGBs in New York that epitomize the dynamic, exciting music of the time. We see a riveting performance by the Dead Boys and a fast paced one by Levi and the Rockats that also includes a guest appearance by rocker Jayne County. A short piece of old time fiddling music, taped a fiddling convention in Independence VA in 1973, rounds out the program."

See more InnerTube videos here.

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