Jan 14, 2013

Nightclubbing with Helen Wheels (1979)

You don't have to spend much time studying the history of CBGB before you come across the name Helen Wheels. She never made much of an impact beyond the Bowery, but to those who knew her, she was something very special. This week's edition of Nightclubbing pays tribute to Wheels and her band.

Helen Wheels at CBGB 1978, by Eugene Merinov

Standing just over five feet tall, Helen embodied the tough, take-no-prisoners front-woman before Heart, Joan Jett or Pat Benatar made it acceptable. With tattoos, muscles and a friendship with the Hells Angels, she broke the mold, even for CBGBs. She claimed the beloved python, Lilith, was the largest privately-owned reptile in New York. Continued here.

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