Jan 25, 2013

Recordstore bag fetish

Things of beauty, its rarer and rarer that you'll come away from a record store who go to the expense (if they can afford it) of having their logo printed onto the side of a bag. Even Other Music these days just use a plain orange bag...they stopped ages ago. Anyway, here, courtesy of Voices of East Anglia, is a nice little collection of record store bags. I've selected a few that caught my eye, but you can see their entire post here.

p.s. I was surprised that no Rough Trade shop made the cut.

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Anonymous said...

People sorta still do. Amoeba does it. Aquarius does it. Exiled in PDX has a rubber stamp they stamp their paper bags with, ha.

mark zip said...

epidode (YouTube) in the Fuse Crate Diggers series has more bags too.

herb.nyc said...

i dropped off several to Archives of Contemporary Music. boring ones, like TOWER RECORDS (i kept 1 for myself) and SOUNDS (paper bags) and VIRGIN and PRINCETON RECORD EXCHANGE. as you can tell, i have a small personal radius. (thanks for posting)

mark zip said...


Tim Broun said...

I should shoot the ones I have: Rough Trade, Restless, Tapeville, Rebel Rebel. The ones from Tower were nice.

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