Feb 19, 2013

Stupefied: The EV Grieve Playlist

Sometime, way back in the last decade when I started Stupefaction, I quickly got networked into a small group of East Village-focused blogs including Jeremiahs Vanishing New York, Flaming Pablum, and last but certainly not least, EV Grieve. Its been interesting watching over the years how each blog has grown & taken its own path. Jeremiah digs up the dirt on long standing local spots on the way out (and long gone), Alex at Flaming Pablum blogs about quite a bit of music, and does photographic detective work, and EV Grieve has come to be the go-to site for East Village current events, real estate craziness, snow penis photos, wild life, and just general oddness. Have a tip? Send him one today!

For this week's Stupefied playlist, I asked EV Grieve for his top 20, and he's come up with a decidedly 80's flavored one which I certainly can't argue with! Enjoy!

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01. I'm in Love with a German Film Star  -- The Passions
02. Vicious Games -- Yello
03. In Love -- Marine Girls
04. In A Room -- House of Love
05. Greatness and Perfection of Love -- Julian Cope
06. Who Loves You Now? -- The Jazz Butcher
07. Hearts of Love -- Crocodiles
08. Makeout Club -- Unrest
09. Feed Me With Your Kiss -- My Bloody Valentine
10. Maybe This Day -- Kissing the Pink
11. Time -- Richard Hell
12. Rebel Waltz -- the Clash
13. Outdoor Miner -- Wire
14. Strange Little Girl -- The Stranglers
15. I Just Can't Be Happy Today -- The Damned
16. Can't Get Used to Losing You -- The English Beat
17. Brenda 1+2 — Capt. Sensible
18. Friday Night Saturday Morning -- The Specials
19. Perfect Day -- Lou Reed
20. Ocean Rain -- Echo and the Bunnymen

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