Mar 19, 2013

Archive of Contemporary Music: Call for recording donations

No stranger to these pages, the Archive of Contemporary Music has put out a call to folks who may have large record collections they don't know what to do with. I received the following message from them, and I'm happy to help spread the word:

All of a sudden we have been inundated with donations. 30,000 plus from DC, and even more from Chicago. And all it does is make us aware of what we are missing. Yes, more than 2 million recordings here at the library, and still we feel, somehow, … empty. 

 We’re asking you, asking everyone, to donate your recordings.  We take anything and everything related to music (LPs, CDs, sheet music, books, posters, audio equipment, magazines, memorabilia). ANY and ALL recordings (except classical).  We’ll take 78s if they’re early rock’n’roll, blues or ethnic music. 

It’s tax deductible, and often of greater value to the giver to donate than to try to sell. Now if you can’t afford to donate, we are interested in seeing LARGE COLLECTIONS to consider purchasing.  Anything from 5,000 to 1,000,000 recordings.  A smaller collection will be considered, if in great condition and very focused. 

Do give us a call or e-mail us: 

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