Mar 27, 2013

Bikini Kill live in 1993 by Ethan Minsker

Photo by Pat Graham
Here is a cool clip of Bikini Kill from 1993 at Mercury Lounge here in NYC, as we catch up with everything Ethan Minkser has been up to. Vocalist Kathleen Hanna's biographical documentary, The Punk Singer, recently premiered at South By Southwest.

Years ago I was making a film titled Anything Boys Can Do... It covered then little known female related groups. Bikini Kill was asked to be a part of this film. Kathleen Hanna gave the okay and we started filming. At the second show she took her top off, looked at us and said turn that camera off. Not in a nice way but more like "you are violating the privacy of the female body" way. They were not included in the finished film since we never got an interview. This footage is from the show we did before filming at ABC No Rio. Enjoy. 

Anything Boys Can Do is available on DVD here or download here.

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