Mar 6, 2013

Bleecker Bobs update

This just in from Bleecker Bob's Facebook page:  

looks like the new tenant has signed the lease. we've heard they want to be open by June 1. it will take probably around 2 months to get work permits for the massive remodeling job they'll need to do so we're figuring we should be open until May 2013!!
---get ready for another chain of self serve yogurt/coffee/hot chocolate cafes NYC!!

In the meantime, New Yorkers should keep an eye out for future screenings of For The Records — The Legacy and Lessons of Bleecker Bob’s. As stated over at the website for the Greenwich Village Society For Historical Preservation, "...the documentary film by Emily Judem and Hazel Sheffield explores Bleecker Bob’s impending closure and the nature of change and development in an urban setting.  It also showcases the history of the shop and its connection to the downtown movements from the Village’s folk scene through punk, new wave and alternative music.  In fact, the event was so popular that we will be re-screening the film in the August (stay tuned for more details!)."

No word on whether or not this film has anything to do with the short doc that surfaced last year, The Final Days of Bleecker Bobs. Watch it again below.

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