Mar 2, 2013

Movie of the Week Extra: Happy birthday Lou Reed!

In honor of the countercultural giant's 71st birthday, here's a cool documentary (one playlist in seven parts) about the characters in "Walk On The Wild Side."


sixbucks said...

Thanks for bringing this lovely contribution to my celebration of Lousday.

Viviana Rullo said...

Hey Tim, thanks for the film. It made my Sunday. I hope you're well. Vxx

Anonymous said...

hey, picture sleeve is from the Netherlands / Holland !! Looks familiar, the left bottom says name maker and Amsterdam, the magic centre (then) . Taken at his 1st concert here, Concertgebouw , late 1971, as a warm-up to either A Cooper, or J Beck ( i dont remember i was there...) His 1st solo-LP ( insect) just out.... what an era.
love, RN

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