Apr 12, 2013

End of An Era: A Tribute To Bleecker Bob's

Tomorrow marks the end of an era: For myself, for record buyers & music fans around the world. After 30 years at 118 West Third Street in New York, NY, (not to mention the years before that in a couple of other locations - almost 50 in total!) Bleecker Bob's Golden Oldies will be closing its doors. Of course there's a chance that they'll rally, and really get that new, hoped for space, somewhere in the East Village (or somewhere), and I hope they do. But, stating the obvious, it's the end of an era. Continued after the jump. 

View from the front looking at the back of the store.

Ask any serious New York-based rock & roll fan from the 70's where they bought the most interesting and cutting edge records, and the answer will inevitably be Bleecker Bob's.

So here's to walking into Bob's MacDougal Street location at the age of 15, and being called a faggot by Bob. Here's to his always present Doberman Pinschers. Here's to New Wave. Here's to Punk Rock. Here's to Bleecker Bob Plotnik, Chris Kelly, Gene Krell, Chris Widener, John DeSalvo, Russ Mercado, Peter Jordon, Craig Flanigan, Kris Needs, Metal Dave, Joey Pepe, English Don, Don Rock, Michael Roman, that asshole Olivier, Tony T-Shirt, Chris Savage, Michelle, Robin, the comic book guys, the goths, the skinheads, the drunks & homeless, the rock stars, the Scrap Bar, Melrose Avenue, Roberta, and everyone. Here's to new worlds, discovery and coming of age.

Keep up with any further developments & news via the Bleecker Bob's Facebook page.

The long suffering cash register.
Bob, sometime in the 70's or early 80's?
View from the northwest corner of West 3rd & MacDougal.
Late 60's ad for a Columbia Records release, pre-Bleecker Bob's.
Some shelves. Note the New Wave and Import Catalog, lower right. This was a Bleecker Bob's mail order catalog from the early 80's.
View from the back looking towards the front of the store.
A nice shot with the lights off.
Front counter.
Bomp Records ad for a Stiv Bators' solo record featuring Stiv holding Bleecker Bob hostage.

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