May 27, 2013

Movie of the Week: Reality 86'd (with Black Flag, Painted Willie & Gone, 1986)

Here's an extra holiday weekend edition of Movie of the Week:

Every touring independent band on the road these days owes a debt to Black Flag. Reality 86'd is a first hand look into the mid-80's American scene, featuring three SST bands on tour (the label's usual practice back then of packaging bands together on the road), it would be Black Flag's final fling as they toured behind the album, In My Head. Hat tip to Music Ruined My Life.

Three bands and crew, 2 Dodge Ram extended cab vans, one equipment truck, one PA system traverse the continental US for six months. A road documentary shot from the inside of the last Black Flag tour ever (the 1986 In My Head US tour.) Featuring behind the scenes proceedings and live performances from Black Flag, Painted Willie, and Gone (Ginn's side project, then featuring Sim Cain and Andrew Weiss (later of the Rollins Band). David Markey was along for the entire trip as the drummer/singer for Painted Willie, documenting the six month tour with his Super-8 camera as it happened. Also features roadie Joe ("Planet Joe") Cole, soundmen Davo Claasen and Dave "Ratman" Levine, and the tour manager who kept it all together, Mitch Bury. A crucial turning point in American underground rock. The end of the line for a trail blazing American band.

Shot in 1986 and completed by director David Markey in 1991 for We Got Power Films.

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