Jun 19, 2013

Mike Scott's Adventures of A Waterboy, plus full Waterboys show from Rockpalast

I'm just about finished reading Mike Scott's memoir, Adventures of A Waterboy, and boy, was it a sorely needed shot in the arm to my reading habits.

After getting bored with so many memoirs & biographies (between shitty editing & crappy writing & predictable story telling), Scott has renewed my faith in the genre. It's a quick yet compelling read. Scott is incredibly articulate, and really knows how to paint a picture. He obviously loves language, and has a great eye for details. Plus he talks a lot about the music, and his own doubts, fears & foibles, making him very relate-able. And now I'm looking forward to not one, but two, shows by The Waterboys here in the NY area over the next few months. Good stuff...Bring it on!

Enjoy this full set by Scott and band from Rockpalast...

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