Jun 28, 2013

New single by The Impressions on Daptone!

Leave it to Daptone Records to release a new single by one of my all time favorite groups - The Impressions! I'm speechless. From the Daptone website:

What do you get when you cross the legendary group harmony of the Impressions, with the savvy production stylings of Daptone’s very own master of ceremonies and guitar dynamo, Binky Griptite?  Easy, you get one of the finest collaborations that has ever been realized onto 7 inches of high quality vinyl. Ladies and gentlemen we present to the greater Daptone Universe, the first single by The Impressions in over 30 Years.  Featuring original members, Fred Cash, Sam Gooden, as well as Reggie Torrian, who has been singing with the group since the early ‘70s – this single is the sweet soulful beauty you’d expect from the Impressions. No cheesy synthetic instruments or tryin-to-stay-contemporary 'beats' here. This is real soul music played by a real band and how sweet it is!

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