Jun 12, 2013

Ruts DC shot by Laura Levine

Photographer Laura Levine posted this great photo of Ruts DC on her Facebook page yesterday. The band are enjoying a post-photo shoot cup of tea in Laura's kitchen in Chinatown, NYC, circa 1982. You may remember these cool shots of the band from around the same time, by Godlis, which I posted about a year ago. Be sure to visit the Ruts DC website, and check out their fantastic new album Rhythm Collision Vol. 2.

1 comment:

daisy said...

Laura! That's a fabulous photograph. Even the sequence of the cups as you go from left to right. It's like a flip-book annimation (know what i mean)
Anyway - How genius of you to have the Ruts over for Tea! That's just what an Englishman needs abroad. Looks like they had fun. Love it.

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