Jun 18, 2013

Stupefied: The Vini Reilly Playlist

This week's Stupefied Playlist comes courtesy of legendary Mancunian musician, guitarist Vini Reilly. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Vini for not only sending a list, but also for personally writing it down in hand! The results can be seen at the bottom of this post. Thank you, Mr. Reilly! 

Similar to the recent Donald Johnson playlist, I'll once again defer to the head of our Factory Records History Department, Professor John Cooper of Cerysmatic Factory for some perspective. Take it away John:

The Durutti Column is the enduring project of Manchester's Vini Reilly, a virtuoso guitarist but also a concert pianist of very high repute. The group's name is derived from a combination of Buenaventura Durruti, the revolutionary anarchist who sought to liberate Spain during the Spanish Civil War, and the Situationist comic strip The Return of the Durutti Column.

The term "group" is perhaps a bit of a misnomer because apart from a short, disastrous (at least according to Vini) period in 1978 around the time of FAC-2 A Factory Sample (the first musical release on Factory Records), it has always been more of Vini's solo project plus collaborations with additional musicians. However, the most enduring of these has been with drummer/percussionist Bruce Mitchell since second album, LC (FACT 44), and he remains with the group until this day, many albums later and going strong at a spritely 73!

The Durutti Column's music is a wondrous thing to the many that have experienced it, both on record and live. Classifying it is somewhat difficult. Vini's distinctive guitar playing is normally prominent, embellished with effects and delays. Perhaps some piano or keyboards. Their legion of loyal fans have their own descriptions but one in particular usually springs to mind. On the rare compilation album The Sporadic Recordings (1989) the last track is called "Canadian Customs". This features a field recording of said customs guy asking what type of music The Durutti Column plays. Vini barely misses a beat, and then says "Avant-Garde Jazz Classical".

Since suffering a minor stroke in 2010, which left him with a loss of strength and feeling in his left hand, Vini's recorded output and live appearances have been severely restricted. However, Vini was interviewed by Manchester writer and DJ Dave Haslam at Manchester Town Hall in March of this year, and played an instrumental piece to a rapturous reception. Hopefully we will see more of Vini later in the year and perhaps even the much-delayed 'Chronicle' album.

A handwritten list from Vini - this deserves its own Factory catalog number

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