Aug 15, 2013

Allen Lanier RIP

Allen, circa 1973, by Roni Hoffman. Used with permission.

Allen Lanier - RIP

My friend, Richard Boch, remembers Allen:

     It was way back when, and everyone wanted to know Allen Lanier. Original member
of Blue Oyster Cult. Accompanist, collaborator and associate of Patti Smith, John Cale
and Jim Carroll. A nice guy. A funny guy. 'Smartest' guy in the room' always applied.
That's just part of the story.    

     I met Allen's wife Dory at Electric Lady Studios, and we got to know each other when
I worked on White Street. I started hanging at their place at One Fifth Avenue, and Allen
became my friend. Together, the three of us became partners in crime.
Late night TV re-runs, and running through Washington Mews. Heading for One
University Place at three AM. Thanksgiving Dinners at my place on Murray Street. We
drifted and the years disappeared. I showed up every now and then.

     I spoke to Dory a few days ago. She told me about the photographs she had from
way back when. I told her I wanted one.

     I remember the last time I heard Blue Oyster Cult sing about the 'Reaper.' I
remember the last time I saw Allen. He hugged me and smiled. I said I'd call.

Richard Boch 8/15/13

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