Aug 12, 2013

Hold on to your wig-hat: Little Richard in Paris, 1966

You  would do yourself well to check out this 1966 live set from Little Richard, recorded in Paris, and brought to us courtesy of the Big O. Listen & download here.

We considered ourselves not fans but connoisseurs. We could sit around and speculate endlessly on the reasons for Elvis’s artistic decline, Little Richard’s intellectual capabilities (he had entered Morehouse College, it said in the liner notes to his second album), Gene Vincent’s amputated leg or Carl Perkins’ speculated insanity…In our hierarchy that made Elvis king, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis princes, and Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, and Gene Vincent archdukes. And that was our high school yearbook. - Peter Guralnick, Feel Like Going Home

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