Sep 4, 2013

No Wave Nightclubbing at the Mudd Club with DNA (1979)

After a somewhat lengthy hiatus (in blogging time anway), the Nightclubbing column with Pat & Emily is back! They've been waiting on Bedford & Bowery (which has replaced East Village Local) to get it together. Anyway, they're back with a No Wave bang this week with DNA...enjoy!

“How dare you play your guitar like that! Don’t you know that’s the same instrument that Eric Clapton plays?” Audience members were often quick to share their dissatisfaction with the screeching dissonance that Arto Lindsay wrung from his instrument during a feverish set. So whenever his no wave band DNA finished up, Lindsay was sure to pack up quickly.

“It was the music I liked to play,” Lindsay says. “I thought the more far out you were, the more likely you were to be hailed as the next Jimi Hendrix. I just wanted to see what music would do to people." Continued here.

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