Nov 7, 2013

Kate Simon on ShowStudio discussing her work with the Clash and other legends

Joe Strummer backstage - After the show in Bath, UK, December 1978 by Kate Simon

Friend of the blog, master photographer Kate Simon, is a recent subject of the very cool series, The Photography of Punk, being run on ShowStudio. Have a listen to Kate discuss this photo of Joe Strummer, and her history - she's definitely one of the more interesting people I know, and I'm glad to call her a friend.

Other photographer-subjects in this great series include Dennis Morris, Ray Stevenson, Steve Johnston, Kevin Cummins, Bob Gruen, Judy Linn, Jon Savage, Steve Emberton, and Jonh Ingham. All ably interviewed via telephone by Nick Knight. All interviews can be accessed on the ShowStudio Soundcloud page.

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