Dec 20, 2013

Five By Five: Year End Favorites, Part 2

I put out the call to some friends for a simple list of five favorites from the year...anything: events, concerts, recordings, personal moments, whatever. The title is in honor of the first responder, Andrew Loog Oldham, being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. A big congratulations to him! And also a special shout out to my favorite fashion illustrator, Jennifer Lilya. She's got a book deal! This is the second of three installments. 

Robbie Dupree - Top 5 Best films of this Century:

No Country For Old Men
Inglorious Bastards
Vicki Christina Barcelona
There Will Be Blood 



Jennifer Lilya - Top 5 for 2013:

1. Icon Inspiration: The triumphant return of Kathleen Hanna: The Punk Singer movie, the release of 
The Riot Grrrl Collection & The Julie Ruin album and tour.

2. Art Book: Bold, Beautiful & Damned. Classic 80s fashion illustration by the late Tony Viramontes. Delicious, perfect, traditional art.

3. Love & Beauty: Laurie Anderson's perfectly written obituary for Lou Reed. Pure magic in loss.

4. Live Music: Billy Idol at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester. Front row, of course. 58 years old and hotter than ever.

5. Personal Achievement: Getting a book deal & subsequently working virtually non-stop all year long. My step-by-step fashion illustration book and instructional videos will be released in Fall 2014 by North Light Books. Yay!

Tony Fletcher - Top 5 Books I Read in 2013:

Run Wild by Boff Whalley
Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff
Red Army Faction Blues by Ada Wilson


Dan Selzer - Top 6 most played songs added to iTunes within the last year:

1. Clio - Faces
2. Fleetwood Mac - Albatross
3. Holden - The Caterpillar's Intervention
4. Alex Fergusson - Stay With Me Tonight
5. Laughing Clowns - Eternally Yours
6. Sensational Creed - Nocturnal Operations

Jason Gross - Top 6 things that I hate about "Inside Llewyn Davis":

1. The person it's modeled after, Dave Von Ronk, is infinitely more interesting that the title character.
2. The title character himself is such a self-righteous, empty, blasé wretch that he dishonors Von Ronk's memory
3. Little in the film shows you what an interesting, vibrant scene that was going on in Greenwich Village at the time
4. Even though the musical movement was very political, you'd never know that from the movie
5. What's probably the worst Coen Brothers movie is also their mostly highly praised one that's already getting Oscar talk
6. The most interesting character is a cat. The people who you'd want to know more about (the driver and the club owner) get shafted for screen time.

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