Feb 16, 2014

Keep It Under 45: Sean's Music Check-In

Here's a new feature I'm going to run simply because I'd like to have more NEW music mentioned on Stupefaction, and I can't be arsed to write it myself. Plus there are other people much better at than I am. This is written by a music biz associate, Sean Rutkowski. Follow him on Twitter: @keepitunder45.

Mount Moriah
I am ashamed of myself for missing Mount Moriah on my list of top albums of 2013.  If you like old Dolly Parton then listen to  "Miracle Temple".
Song - "White Sands"  http://bit.ly/1n60HjS

Rose Windows
The album "The Sun Dogs" came out last year also.  I didn't spend as much time with it as other albums but every time it comes up on shuffle, I end up pulling it out and listening to it and wonder why I don't listen to it more.   This album has some really trippy moments that if you like Pink Floyd or Tame Impala you might like this one. The song link is for a live performance on KEXP.
Song - "Walking With A Woman"  http://bit.ly/1gDRLVz

Real Estate
I loved their last album.  The new one is coming out in March and it sounds like from this track they are continuing down the same path-Nice jangly indie pop.
Song - "Talking Backwards"   http://bit.ly/1bhPfMR

I have been spending a lot of time over the last few weeks listening to new hip hop.   Here are some things that I have recently found pretty exciting.

From Dallas, TX,  A.Dd are tearing it up down there.  The following track comes from their mixtape DiveHiFlyLo.  These guys could be the future of Hip Hop.
Song - "Audio Day Dream"   http://bit.ly/1fBozKY

Rashid Hadee
When you listen to the samples from this rapper & producer from Chicago, you can tell he is someone with a great musical knowledge in the same category as a Common or Lupe Fiasco.
Song - "Don't Care"  http://bit.ly/1kyGjIR

Bonus Track
Here is a link to an educational film from 1956 that shows how albums were made. What is crazy about this is that nearly 60 years later the process of making vinyl (marker 7:00 to 18:00) is pretty much the same.
Video - http://bit.ly/Mp22H7

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