Feb 2, 2014

Movie of the Week: Boogie In Blue (1991)

Born in the Bronx in 1915, Harry "The Hipster" Gibson has, for some reason fallen into obscurity. After watching this film though, you'll certainly be more than familiar with him, and his life. Put together by his family shortly before his death in 1991, The Hipster was one cool cat, and certainly gives Mezz Mezrow a run for his money.

Thanks to my friend Russ for digging this one up. As he said to me in his email, "The Hipster rocks like a pre-Jerry Lee. Drugs, liquor, sex, divorce, and jams with Bird and Miles. Plays some of the best white barrel house piano I've ever heard. He's so absorbed black culture he's almost on a level with Johnny Otis. He's nuclear, daddy-o."

From the YouTube description: In 1991, Harry's daughter Lena and Lena's daughter Flavin made a short documentary of his life. Flavin was going to film school at the time and chose a very worthy subject. Interviews, music videos, interviews with his friends and family. This is a Harry videography, the definitive biography for all fans of the Hipster. Harry Gibson was the original hippie. The original hipster.

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