Feb 12, 2014

Scattered Bodies: Exclusive 3 Song Preview! Legendary Toronto Punk (Andy Meyers) & Award Winning Writer (Brian Brett) Team Up For Mind Bending Fun

This goes to show you what a little imagination, and some talented musicianship, can do for you. Toronto's Andy Meyers, leader of The Scenics (1976-82), has done something special here & I think its worth checking out.

Along with award winning poet/writer Brian Brett, and composer Susheela Dawne, he took some of the Scenics old tapes, combined them with drum loops (by Mark Perkell) drawn from a Scenics comeback recording (Dead Man Walks Down Bayview), and along with some added vocals & lyrics by Brett, and vocals & music by Dawne, has come up with an extremely enticing mix that recalls the Doors-ie side of Television...a rhythmic, eccentric, and almost jazz-like adventure. The result is Talking Songs by Scattered Bodies. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

As Jack Rabid of Big Takeover magazine said in a recent review, "...it’s a skin-crawling, subtley menacing mash..."

Buy the album direct from Dream Tower Records
and get more info on the band at their website, and on Facebook

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