Mar 18, 2014

To the reader, Bean...

...who just commented, "it's really sad to see this site become an ad for your ebay sales. I expected and still expect better of you."

First, I'm glad your expectations are still there. I have to say its nice to know, and means something to me. As to your point about the ebay sales let me say this:

This coming September will be nine years since I started Stupefaction. In that time, I can count on one hand the examples of any sort of advertising I've done (i.e. made money from). And, when going heavy on the eBay sales, why WOULDN'T I share some of the interesting stuff I'm trying to sell here? Its a target auduence and perfect for what I may have to offer. Plus, its a sort of keepsake for me - I at least get to put up images of some of this stuff that will hopefully move on to someone else who will appreciate it. I fully take advantage of the fairly wide social network I've built up over the years.

Believe it or not, since I started doing eBay again recently, I thought twice about posting some of what I have available here on Stupefaction. I think I've kept it fairly minimal, and am conscious of it. You're the only one who has actually mentioned it, but I felt it needs addressing. Not that it'll start any great conversation here. Most folks just look and move on, so I appreciate the comment, but please cut me a little slack.

Thank you, and I hope to meet your expectations in the future. I'm glad you're noticing.

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