Apr 9, 2014

Bar Redux: New Caribbean-Creole restaurant Coming to NOLA soon!

If you or anyone you know frequents New Orleans, I have a great friend who is on the verge of opening a bar/restaurant there called Bar Redux. Its described as Carribean-Creole, and will be opening very this month. Please take a moment to check out the links, and please like, and follow where applicable. And if you happen to make it there, tell 'em Karate Boogaloo sent you!

Bar Redux links:

MUCH MORE TO COME and thanks!

The restaurant - which is located in the Bywater downtown area of New Orleans, will feature local creole cuisine as well as selections from a varied Caribbean menu. We will be featuring specials from many of the islands of the Caribbean.

The theme of the place will be art and music centric. There will be local artists showing, as well as live local music. We have a gorgeous outdoor patio area that has a small stage area, and some nice landscaping. A place to relax, sip a mint julep, and listen the heartbeat of New Orleans!

Inside you’ll find a seductively lit bar area dominated by the infamous Arones U-shaped bar from Minneapolis, MN. This prohibition era-bar was frequented by all the area bootleggers of the day due to it’s proximity to Canada and all that fine hooch. Kid Caan and Alvin Karpus have actually bent elbows at this unique deco bar!

Just follow the bright red neon BAR sign mounted on the corner of the building and find your way in. By the way, the sign (like the bar) was also in front of Joe Arones’s place. Makes you wonder what conversations might have taken place under its crimson glow.

See you in the Bywater!

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