Apr 1, 2014

Factory Benelux & New Order To Issue Special Benefit Comp For Michael Shamberg

If you've had the pleasure of seeing New Order in the last couple of years, there's a chance they dedicated the gig to a fellow named Michael Shamberg. Now I can't really blame you for saying "Who?" Only the most trainspotting of us Factory Records fans MIGHT know who he is. He's a very low key fellow - even when he was running the US office for Factory back in the 1980's in NYC. Despite his low key profile, Shamberg played a big part in the success of band's like New Order, and others. Keep reading and you'll find out why a whole bunch of ex-Factory workers have gotten together, and allowed their music to be included on this release. Of note: 100% of the proceeds will go to Shamberg and his medical fund, and the release date is May 26, 2014.

Factory Benelux and New Order present Of Factory New York, a unique benefit album released to assist Michael Shamberg, who ran the NYC office of Factory Records during the celebrated label’s Eighties heyday.

Available on CD and double gatefold vinyl formats, Of Factory New York gathers a selection of classic tracks by artists associated with OFNY including the John Robie remix of Yashar by Cabaret Voltaire, Do the Du by A Certain Ratio, Cool As Ice by 52nd Street, Love Tempo by Quando Quango, the Megamix version of Looking From A Hilltop by Section 25 and an exclusive version of Your Silent Face by New Order, recorded live on tour in America in June 1989.

Homegrown American talent featured on the album includes Ike Yard, Thick Pigeon, Konk, Anna Domino and deejay/producer Arthur Baker. The cover art is based on an original 1983 design by Lawrence Weiner, the conceptual artist closely associated with Shamberg and Factory’s Big Apple operation.

Unfortunately in 2006 Michael was struck down with highly debilitating mitochondrial disease. All artists featured on Of Factory New York have donated their work free of charge, Factory Benelux will take no profit, and 100% of net revenues will be paid over to the medical trust which takes care of Michael.

“Michael has been with us from the very start,” explain New Order. “Initially he was in charge of Factory New York, then became creative producer for all our early videos. He brought our attention to the early works of directors such as Kathryn Bigelow, Gina Birch, Robert Breer, Peter Care, Phillipe Decouffle, Jonathan Demme, Robert Frank, Paula Greiff, Robert Longo, Bailie Walsh and William Wegman. Michael is very ill and needs constant medical attention. We want to help him, and played two fundraising shows in 2011. This new Factory New York compilation album will contribute further financial support towards Michael’s ongoing care.”

Vinyl tracklist:

A1. A Certain Ratio Do the Du
A2. Quando Quango Love Tempo
A3. 52nd Street Cool As Ice
B1. Cabaret Voltaire Yashar (John Robie Remix)
B2. New Order Your Silent Face (live 1989)
B3. Konk Baby Dee
C1. Section 25 Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)
C2. Streetlife Act On Instinct
C3. Marcel King Reach For Love (New York Remix)
D1. Thick Pigeon Subway
D2. Ike Yard Kino
D3. Arthur Baker Come On
D4. Anna Domino Summer (Arthur Baker Remix)

CD tracklist:

01. A Certain Ratio Do the Du
02. Quando Quango Love Tempo
03. Konk Baby Dee
04. 52nd Street Cool As Ice
05. Cabaret Voltaire Yashar (John Robie Remix)
06. New Order Your Silent Face (live 1989)
07. Section 25 Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)
08. Streetlife Act On Instinct
09. Marcel King Reach For Love (New York Remix)
10. Thick Pigeon Subway
11. Ike Yard Kino
12. Arthur Baker Come On
13. Anna Domino Summer (Arthur Baker Remix) 

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