Apr 2, 2014

Instant Collection: 99 Records!

The rarest of the rare. A Liquid Liquid 7" (Bellhead) that was never issued and is very difficult to find (7" single, 1981)
More goodies are up on eBay now. I thought this lot might be of interest as they're all 99 Records-related. Click each photo to view that item specifically, and see all of my eBay items here.

Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps (7" single, 1980)

Maximum Joy - Stretch (this is a Y Records 7" issue, but 99 released a 12", 1981)

Y Pants - Off The Hook (Includes insert, 7" EP, produced by Glenn Branca, 1980)

ESG - You're No Good (7" EP as issued by Factory Records, 1981)

Congo (The Congos in disguise) - At The Feast (12" EP, 1981)

Singers & Players - War of Worlds (Originally issued by On-U Sound, and produced by Adrian Sherwood, LP, 1981)

ESG - Dance To The Beat of Moody (12" EP, 1982)

Liquid Liquid - GroupMeGroup (Includes insert, 12" EP, 1981)

Liquid Liquid - Dig We Must (12" EP, 1984)
Just for kicks, here is the insert that comes with Liquid Liquid's GroupMeGroup EP (above)

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