Jul 17, 2014

Tim Sommer on the greatness of the Ruts

FoB©, Tim Sommer, has a terrific weekly column (entitled, appropriately enough, Noise The Column) over at the Brooklyn Bugle. In light of this week marking the 34th anniversary of the death of lead singer, Malcolm Owen, he writes an unabashed fan letter paying tribute to the greatness of the Ruts. 

"1980 was an extraordinary year in music.  It was the first year of the new decade, the first year of the first completely Beatles-free decade, and the first year of the first post-punk decade.  1980 also saw the release of Back in Black, Boy, Second Edition, British Steel, London Calling (in the U.S., anyhow), Underwater Moonlight, Freedom of Choice, Los Angeles, Killing Joke, Black Sea, Dirty Mind, Closer, The Black Album, Ace of Spades, and Double Fantasy. Stunning." 

Continued here.

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