Aug 23, 2014

Stupefied: The Holly George-Warren Playlist

We have a special treat today in the form of a new Stupefied playlist from one of my favorite writers, Holly George-Warren. As you hopefully know by now, her latest book, A Man Called Destruction, gives the bio treatment to Alex Chilton - songwriter extraordinaire, rock star at 16 with the Box Tops, and leading light of Big Star. And of course, I'd be remiss not to mention that the cover photo is by none other than our pal, Godlis. 

Already at work on her next book (a Janis Joplin bio), all things Holly can be tracked at including some appearances this weekend in Carrboro, NC, and next month in Nashville, TN, and Brooklyn, NY. The paperback edition of AMCD will be available in 2015.

Alex Chilton & Holly George Warren by Dan Howell
Big thanks to Holly for the list!

  1. Box Tops - The Letter
  2. Box Tops - Neon Rainbow
  3. Box Tops - Cry Like a Baby
  4. Box Tops - I Shall Be Released
  5. Box Tops - Soul Deep
  6. Alex Chilton - The EMI Song
  7. Alex Chilton - Free Again
  8. Big Star - Thirteen
  9. Big Star - Ballad of El Goodo
  10. Big Star - September Gurls
  11. Big Star - I’m in Love With a Girl
  12. Big Star - Kangaroo
  13. Big Star - Holocaust
  14. Alex Chilton - Bangkok
  15. Alex Chilton - Can’t Seem to Make You Mine
  16. Alex Chilton - Hey Little Child
  17. Alex Chilton - Alligator Man
  18. Alex Chilton - Take It Off
  19. Alex Chilton - Dalai Lama
  20. Alex Chilton - Thing for You
  21. Alex Chilton - Thank You John
  22. Alex Chilton - Guantanamerika
  23. Alex Chilton - Devil Girl
  24. Alex Chilton - Dark End of the Street (with Teenage Fanclub)
  25. Alex Chilton - Never Found a Girl
  26. Alex Chilton - Never Found a Girl (with Teenage Fanclub)
  27. Alex Chilton - You Can Bet Your Heart on Me (Electricity by Candlelight)
  28. Big Star - Hot Thing

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