Sep 3, 2014

Books of Note: Keith Levene, John Lydon & Tom Waits

We're rolling quickly into THAT time of the year. New books, deluxe albums, etc...will be upon us before we know it. Here are three of note that you may find interesting.

The first is Keith Levene's memoir (pictured above), I WaS a TeeNaGe GuitariST 4 the ClaSH!. Funded by a crowd sourcing effort, check out the versions available, and place your orders at The design is suitably teenaged fanzine paste-up 1970's style. Nice!

Next up is a related book of sorts, the second memoir/autobiography by John Lydon, entitled Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored. Available October 9, it's sure to be an interesting read. I always find Lydon interviews highly intelligent, articulate, relatable and entertaining. Pre-order here.

Last, but certainly not least, is a new book of photographs of Tom Waits as shot by Mitchell Rose, in Los Angeles in 1977 at & around the legendary Tropicana Hotel. See some examples, and order the book directly from the photographer here.

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