Nov 7, 2014

Movie of the Week: Garth Hudson Returns to Big Pink After 46 Years with Rolling Stone

Garth Hudson

The new Basement Tapes

Its not not often I get to tip my cap to Rolling Stone magazine, but in this case I definitely have to. This short film of instrumentalist, Garth Hudson (who still lives in the area), returning to the house where he was a part of rock mythology with his fellow members of The Band and Bob Dylan, is a gorgeous & touching piece of work. 

The house itself, located between Woodstock & Saugerties in New York State, about 100 miles from New York City, is really nothing to look at. Every time I've ever taken someone to see it, I always feel like its a bit anti-climactic. Its really just another somewhat run down house in the woods. The interior looks much better than I imagined seeing it through the camera lens, and with some music flowing through it, it becomes a magical place.

The Band in front of Big Pink by Elliott Landy
The real Basement Tapes!

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