Dec 3, 2014

Rats! Christy Rupp artwork currrently featured at Gallery 98

Christy Rupp, 1980, by Francine Keery.

Currently on display at Gallery 98 is the rat-themed artwork of artist Christy Rupp. Her stuff was quite ubiquitous in the lower east side back in the early to mid 80's.

In 1979 artist Christy Rupp made the news when a street poster she created featuring a life-size rat was spotted near the site where a woman was attacked by a pack of rats during a horrific, three-week strike by NYC sanitation workers.  Rupp’s art is about animal behavior and she placed her posters to identify locations where rats were claiming new territory as piles of garbage spread.  This online exhibition spotlighting Rupp’s earliest works explores the conceptual roots of an artist now admired as both an early street artist and an eco-art pioneer. 

Visit the exhibition at: 

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