Mar 2, 2015

I'll Be There: New Chic single hits March 20, UK dates, new album in June

Nile Rodgers posted this teaser video recently, and wow...does it sound good! The single, "I'll Be There" (instrumental version shared here) is available March 20 from iTunes & on vinyl here, and a new album is due in June on Warner Brothers. As I understand it, it's a mix of old & new, as Nile has dug up some old tapes, reworked them, added some new stuff, and presto! New Chic! The world could use it.

UK dates are in March (see below), and I HIGHLY suggest catching them if possible. I was lucky enough to see them in NYC a few summers ago, and besides being easily the most diverse audience I've ever been a part of, the show is just pure joy from beginning to end. Nothing but hits and a really good time.

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