Sep 10, 2015

New book of note - St. Marks Is Dead: The Many Lives of America’s Hippest Street by Ada Calhoun

St. Marks Place and Third Avenue, 1963, photographer unknown.

Ada Calhoun, the author of this enticing new title on the fabled stretch of 8th Street in NYC recently posted the above image of Third Avenue & Saint Marks Place on Facebook, and it caught my eye. That's how I found out, eventually, about her new book coming out in November. Count me in.

If the following quote by Calhoun (from a Q&A on her website) is any indication, this should be an excellent read!

"...In the course of three years of research, I learned that people have always said St. Marks was dead. One thing you hear a lot about the street is: “I was there when it was cool. It’s over now.” People said that in the fifties about the thirties, and in the eighties about the sixties. Whenever people say that to me I ask them to tell me the last time they stayed out until super late on St. Marks Place. I did recently and it was packed with young people having the time of their lives. I’m very suspicious of anyone who identifies the best era in a place’s history as coinciding precisely with when they were sixteen."

St. Marks Is Dead: The Many Lives of America’s Hippest Street:
Coming November 2, 2015, from W.W. Norton & Co
Pre-order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBookstore

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