Oct 26, 2015

Anita Sarko: A remembrance by Richard Boch

Richard Boch & Anita Sarko, 2010

Remembering Anita Sarko:

1979 and 1980, Mudd Club, 77 White. Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane” (live version, Rock ’n Roll Animal), “Public Image” PiL, “The Lost Sheep” Adrian Munsey—baaaa baaaaaaa baaaaaaaa—clearing the dance floor at 4AM. Anita Sarko’s spinning records and I’m working the door; that’s when and where we became friends. Early mornings, her place on Jones Street, more music and whatever else was lying around. A sharp wit, Anita’s sweet and not too scary, still beautiful at 9AM. The daybreak hours gone, I walk out into the sunshine morning: dark glasses, a cigarette, brain cells still burning. I’m heading home, having a laugh, knowing we’d both be back for another round, another night on White Street. 

Anita left her job at Mudd before I did. Thirty-six years came and went fast. I missed her then. I miss her now.

Richard Boch

Below, Anita discusses the early days of her career with videographer Merrill Aldighieri in 2013 - they worked together at Hurrah.

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