May 4, 2008

Stooges - Raw Power UK cassette version

For everyone showing up here from the Stooges Forum, you're welcome.

The story here as I understand it: When Raw Power was originally released in 1973, the wrong version was initially used for the cassette version in the UK. Apparently the mix is slightly different than the official version. Not only that, but the track order is slightly different - the second song on each side is flip-flopped. Feel free to check it out below.

Side one
1. "Search and Destroy" – 3:29
2. "I Need Somebody" – 4:53
3. "Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell" – 4:54
4. "Penetration" – 3:41

Side two
1. "Raw Power" – 4:16
2. "Gimme Danger" – 3:33
3. "Shake Appeal" – 3:04
4. "Death Trip" – 6:07

Iggy & the Stooges: Raw Power UK cassette version (MP3 at 160 kbps zip).
And here (lossless).


Erik from the Eighties said...

There's an unbelievable amount of Stooges product out, now. I never even knew that Metallic KO was a double album. I did get that new mix of Raw Power by Iggy that was done in the 90's, but I prefered the tracks I heard on the "Rough Power" release; much "beefier"

A few years ago I think someone released the outakes from Funhouse - apparently they had 32 takes of it or something like that. Listening to all of it would probably cause brain damage...

Anonymous said...

May I cordially request a re-post? This sounds ... essential!

JamesChanceOfficial said...

Let me see what I can do...please give me a few days. Thanks for stopping by.

The Badge said...

Yes, please repost. The reissue only includes a couple of these tracks!

emdee said...

Can I also add a further request for a repost of this cassette mix.
As far as I'm concerned, Williamson is arguably the definitive 'Real Rock' guitar player: always on the very edge, but never tipping into non-Rock wackiness and seemingly immune to cliche. I've revered him for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Please can we get a re-post of this cassette version plaese?

Anonymous said...

Hi man, thanks for this great blog. It seems the new Legacy remaster is still the badly mastered version, thank you if you can reup this cassette version.

Anonymous said...

Please re-seed if you have the time...thanks in advance

JamesChanceOfficial said...

It's back...please spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Thank you man for this incredible piece of Stooges music. It sounds better than the recent Legacy reissue, even compressed in mp3. This is the ultimate version of this record !
Any possibility of uploading the tracks in loosless (flac) ?

Anonymous said...

This cassette version kill all previous versions I've ever heard of Raw Power! Thanks for sharing it!

Would it be possible to upload it as lossless too in .flac format? And if you could scan the cassette cover and labels to and upload?

I know, I ask a lot, but it would be so awesome to have this version in pristine quality. All of us over at The Stooges Forum would absolutely love it and be very thankful if you would.... THNX in advance and long live The Stooges!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting of a lossless link. Unfortunately this is just a conversion from a lossy source to a lossless format. The format (apple lossless) is lossless, but the actual audio is not.

Would really appreciate a true lossless version, if it's possible.

Thanks for bringing this cool alternate mix to us!

JamesChanceOfficial said...

I'm afraid thats the best I can do for now. If I have the time at any point I'll try to do something different. Glad you're digging the mix.

Anonymous said...

Loosless is good, thanks very much man, you are the man !

Erazmus Lint said...

Fantastic! Search & Destroy is a bit of a crappy mix, possibly the master recording was flawed but there's great punch to everything else and you can actually hear the bass and drums throughout the whole album! Excellent posting!

Anonymous said...

Please re-up the FLAC!

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