Mar 27, 2009

Friday ephemera - Punk, Post Punk & Hardcore

To make up for missing last week's installment, here's an extra large helping of NY-related ephemera...beautiful stuff.

(Thanks to Howie Pyro for the scan)

(Thanks to Howie Pyro for the scan)


NYCDreamin said...

Simply incredible. Thanks so much as always for these, KB. Nice to see the Crumbsuckers!

Ed Ward said...

And the Standing Waves!

Retro Kimmer said...

Hey Tim I Did a blog tonight for your friends DEATH
under construction so bear with my changes. It all came about because of you... Hope you leave some comments?

Anonymous said...

"Hoy Boy & the Doys"

there's a name I haven't seen, heard, or thought of in about a million years. Never seen 'em, but I remember that name from the Voice ads.

JamesChanceOfficial said...

Its fun reading the secondary band names to see who has been forgotten, or who has moved on to bigger & better things.

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