Dec 29, 2010


Since things are a little slow around here this time of the year, and since I've been thinking about killing off the inactive New York Nobody Sings, I'm going to start publishing my posts from there, on a regular basis, here. In case you don't know, the NYNS site was started, with myself, EV Grieve, Alex, and Holly Ramos, as a sister site to the wonderful London Nobody Sings, and was dedicated to posting songs about, or referencing, NYC.

This one is definitely a bit of an oddity. Found on the one Daryl Hall album I can listen to all the way through, NYCNY is from Hall's first solo album, Sacred Songs. Recorded in 1977, but not released until 1980, it's an obvious love song from Philly native Hall to his longtime adopted hometown. Producer Robert Fripp's fingerprints are all over this. A strange mix of new wave and prog rock, I'd venture to guess that it's pretty much the sort of album Daryl Hall wished he could have been making all of the time.

Original version from Sacred Songs:


Anonymous said...

What about "Whatever Happened To New York?" By Ann Magnuson?

Karate Boogaloo said...

Good suggestion. I'll put it on the list.

NYC Rhymology said...

Thanks for mentioning Daryl Hall's "Sacred Songs". I used to have that on vinyl and loved it, but I've never heard anyone mention it—then or now. (Wonder if I would still like it?) Much better than Hall & Oates bouncy, saccharine pop stuff. (Not to sound snobbish; nothing wrong with a li'l throw-away pop music de temps en temps.) Anyway, now I've got that one weird little Eno-esque song stuck in my head (title?): "The further away I am/The further away I am/Is it just a cloud passing under/I don't wanna lose you." A beautiful, plaintive, heart-wrenching, uncomplicated little song... Cheers, David

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