Oct 27, 2011

Special Movie of the Week: Turn That Racket Down

In honor of John Peel Day, which was this past week, I'm happy to present Turn That Racket Down. It originally aired in 1999 for Peel's 60th, and profiles his life and career. Thanks to Slicing Up Eyeballs for initially posting the film.

In addition, I have a special guest post from new pal, Bob the Chiropodist, over in the UK. Be sure to visit his sites which are linked below. Take it away Bob!

On my first trip to the States in 1989 I was complaining about the number of adverts on US TV and the fact that, despite there being loads of channels to chose from, there seemed to be nothing on worth watching. “Makes you appreciate the BBC and the license fee” “What?! You need a licence to watch TV in England?” “You sure do!” £145.50 a year for advert free viewing alone, in my opinion, is worth every penny but when you consider the radio output too – it’s an absolute bargain!

We watch some telly as a family (‘Dr Who’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ spring to mind) but I could easily live without it. I’d find it VERY hard however, to survive without the radio. My habit of late night listening started with John Peel when I was a teenager in the late 70’s. Music obsessed, I was a sponge for anything new and Peel was a treasure trove of new, old, weird, druggy, folky, reggae-fied, post punk loveliness – A late night listening tradition that was kept alive by Andy Kershaw and Mark + Lard.

These days it’s the BBC’s digital/ on line channel 6 Music which rules the kitchen at night. I guess the station's centre piece is the Sunday ‘Jarvis Cocker’ shows which are highly entertaining……but it’s the workday Monday to Thursday’s from 7pm (when Marc Riley comes on) til midnight (when Gideon Coe goes off) when I’m at my happiest. Live bands with Marc and old Peel and other BBC sessions and live shows with both Marc + Gid means the telly, more often than not, sits neglected in the corner. Let’s not forget Peelies son Tom Ravenscroft is also a 6 Music jock who’s a chip off the old block.

You can do so much more when you’re listening to the radio – like write this….

Bob the Chiropodist


Webbie - KeepingItPeel said...

Thumbs up here.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Peel doc. Thanks for the link.

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