May 9, 2012

Make "The Connection"

As previously said right here on Stupefaction, "Based on Jack Gelber's play of the same name, The Connection was a 1961 movie by Shirley Clarke, and includes some fantastic footage of Jackie McLean (sax), Freddie Redd (piano), Michael Mattos (bass), and Larry Ritchie (drums) doing their thing. This movie is unfortunately unavailable these days, and I've never seen the whole thing. The soundtrack album is a corker. Listen to clips of it here."

Well, thanks to Milestone Film & Video, its available now. Currently making the rounds in some of the hipper theaters around, it appears that it will be available on DVD later this year or early next year. Keep your eyes on the Milestone site, and while you're there, be sure to pick up a copy of the unbelievable On The Bowery for an amazing film with great historical perspective.

Showtimes in NYC here.
The Connection on Facebook.

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