May 30, 2012

Ruts DC - Exclusive New Track, "Mighty Soldier"

Right around the time I heard from the dub-inspired Skintologists about their new album, I also received in the mail a five track EP from one of my all time favorites, Ruts DC. I've written about them plenty over the last several years, and a conversation about all time favorite albums NEVER goes by without me mentioning their final album, 1982's might, mighty Rhythm Collision Vol. 1. There's a reason that my very first tattoo was the simple triangle that the Ruts used (and continue to use) as a logo.

Well, thirty years has gone by, and I'm extremely happy to say that surviving members Segs Jennings (bass & vocals), and Dave Ruffy (drums) have lost not one ounce of genius. These guys were in one of the best British punk bands, and they're also responsible for probably the best British reggae that I can recall...easily. Jennings & Ruffy should be spoken about in the same breath as Sly & Robbie. Yes, THAT good.

I'm completely honored that they've permitted me to stream a track here for you to check out. Its called "Mighty Warrior" and mines the same vein of reggae that Michael Franti has been working to much success over the last several years - only better. I hope you like it as much as I do!

The band have said they are attempting to finish the entire album by the end of the year - lets hope so! The EP which has this track can be ordered directly from the band via their website right here.

1 comment:

Doug Watson said...

Brilliant, they are legends and Sly and Robbie would be chuffed to be mentioned in the same breath as Segs and Ruffy. :)

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