Jun 12, 2012


Fear of Music (Early Mix)
01. Cities
First minute is unfortunately somewhat garbled, but source tape is fine after that.
02. Electric Guitar
03. Life During Wartime
04. Drugs
05. I Zimbra
06. Mind
07. Heaven (Basic)
08. Heaven (#2)
09. Animals
Download here.

More Songs About Buildings and Food (Early Mix)
01. With Our Love (5.4MB)
02. Stay Hungry (4.0MB)
03. Big Country (8.4MB)
04. The Good Thing (4.7MB)
05. Artists Only (5.5MB)
06. Warning Sign (6.0MB)
07. B. Angel (3.4MB)
08. Take Me To The River (7.8MB)
09. I’m Not In Love (7.0MB)
10. Girls (5.5MB)
11. Found A Job
Download here.

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