Jul 12, 2012

New book alert: Mr. Freedom, Tommy Roberts: British Design Hero

In his continuing fight to shine a light on the darker & less thought about corners of rock history, and the frequent intersections of music & fashion, UK writer Paul Gorman, has a new title coming very soon to a bookshelf near you. Mr. Freedom, Tommy Roberts: British Design Hero tells the story of Mr. Roberts who, since the mid-60's, has run cutting edge boutiques featuring original designs in London. With a strong connection to the music world in the 1970's, Roberts designs were often worn by many of the upper tier British rock stars at the time like Elton John (he wore those shoes on the cover above), Mick Jagger, and quite a few others.

As in previous books (the Barney Bubbles book and The Look specifically), Gorman's new title is a triumph. Meticulous in its research & design, it will be as useful on a researchers bookshelf, as it will be cool on a fashionista's coffee table. Gorman gets it right. For more info, visit his website for Tommy Roberts-related posts here.

Mr. Freedom, Tommy Roberts: British Design Hero can be ordered here.

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