Aug 28, 2012

Edwyn Collins: New album & film news

As the BBC's 6 Music recently reported, Edwyn Collins has started discussing his next album which will be called Understated, and will feature guest Richard Hawley. The current release date is sometime in January 2013 which is probably just for the UK. I'll be surprised if it sees a US release before the end of the calendar winter season.

Collins is also involved in the making of a promising looking film called In Your Voice, In Your Heart, and it's the story of Edwyn’s journey back from his life threatening illness seven years ago. As the filmmakers say on their site, "Blurring the line between fiction and documentary we explore the world of Edwyn’s subconscious – a place inhabited by fragmented ideas and forgotten memories. Each story Edwyn tells is another piece of a shattered identity we gradually see re-emerging in front of us." Watch the trailer, and listen for the acapella verse from Orange Juice's "Dying Day" sung by Edwyn near the beginning - it's simply spine tingling!

Edwyn Collins - official site
Edwyn Collins - on twitter

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