Aug 19, 2012

Movie of the Week: Reggae (1970)

 Happy birthday Jamaica! Here's a terrific documentary of some great performances shot in 1970 including music from The Heptones, The Pyramids, Noel And The Fireballs, The Pioneers, Laurel Aitken, Black Faith, John Holt, Dave Barker (Tommy and The Upsetters), Count Prince Miller, Millie Small and The Pyramids, Mr Symarip, The Maytals, Desmond Dekker, and Bob & Marcia. Incredible!

According to IMDB: Documentary focusing on a Reggae festival/concert held at Wembley Stadium in 1970 featuring the Pyramids, Pioneers, Black Faith, Millie, Maytals, Desmond Dekker. Includes interviews with disk jockey Mike Raven and producer Graham Goodall who review the history and development of reggae. The documentary is a mixture of concert footage and film of black youths as they walk on there way to the concert, several of them are interviewed on there views of Reggae. One of the first ever documentaries about Reggae music.

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